2014-02-04 23:40:40 by retroarcademonkey

Hello!  I'm sick!  The sickness includes: Violent coughing, headaches, diarrhea and occasional pains in the chest.

In other words, it sucks ass, and this has been goin' in my system for a week so far, and it probably all started when I went to a Youth Club last week, I was in such a good mood near the end of the session that I decided to shake almost everyone's hands in the room and one of the people I shook hands with must've had a virus in his system and that's how it got passed down onto me.

Well, at least I've learnt never to shake those guy's hands again.


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2014-02-05 00:01:53

being sick always sucks, and my immune system is not the strongest. i get sick easily, more so than friends, and that is never fun. get well soon!


2014-02-05 01:50:10

Hope it isn't that h1n1 pig virus... it's pretty bad here in the States. We caught it from Mexico a while back, and they caught it from somewhere else. Hope you can tough through it, make sure to keep up your potassium levels by eating a banana, or a diluted shot of apple cider vinegar in room temperature water... it really works well to restore the tummy's acidic balance.

Next time, fist bump :)