Entry #22

Been a bit... heh

2016-05-24 15:58:13 by retroarcademonkey

Woah hey! Haven't written in this thing for a bit. So, I thought I'd check up here to kind of write some stuff for Newgrounds people that like what I do on here, what I've been up to!

Well, voice acting wise, I got into some fandub comic thing that some Italian pasta-eater made. Anyone reading this for some reason, should totally check this comic dub out, cause it's really awesome! Since it was posted to Newgrounds just today, I think posting the Newgrounds link is more appropro


Meanwhile on YouTube... Got into an SFM animation by a lovely Swedish gentleman named Martin Gustavsson. All of the dialogue in this animation is totally improv btw


And this real sonofabitch @kehny made this shit for the gaming channel that I stumbled upon, Kerfuffle with the Lobsters


Still don't know how he got me to say "Who the fuck is this faggot?"....

ALSO, a new video from my YouTube channel pretty much sums up what projects I've been voicing in, as well as a special guest Australian in the mix. I worked sort of hard on it, so watching it is somewhat mandatory if you follow me or whatever. But eh, you don't have to or anything. I'm not gonna break your legs for it or anything... heh


ANYWAYS, so that was an update or something! Or... wait, is it seriously called a News Post on Newgrounds? Haaah, genius! Anyways, I gotta go to bed 'cause I've got some piss that needs draining onto my matress.


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yo yo yo yo


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