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Been a bit... heh

2016-05-24 15:58:13 by retroarcademonkey

Woah hey! Haven't written in this thing for a bit. So, I thought I'd check up here to kind of write some stuff for Newgrounds people that like what I do on here, what I've been up to!

Well, voice acting wise, I got into some fandub comic thing that some Italian pasta-eater made. Anyone reading this for some reason, should totally check this comic dub out, cause it's really awesome! Since it was posted to Newgrounds just today, I think posting the Newgrounds link is more appropro

Meanwhile on YouTube... Got into an SFM animation by a lovely Swedish gentleman named Martin Gustavsson. All of the dialogue in this animation is totally improv btw

And this real sonofabitch @kehny made this shit for the gaming channel that I stumbled upon, Kerfuffle with the Lobsters

Still don't know how he got me to say "Who the fuck is this faggot?"....

ALSO, a new video from my YouTube channel pretty much sums up what projects I've been voicing in, as well as a special guest Australian in the mix. I worked sort of hard on it, so watching it is somewhat mandatory if you follow me or whatever. But eh, you don't have to or anything. I'm not gonna break your legs for it or anything... heh

ANYWAYS, so that was an update or something! Or... wait, is it seriously called a News Post on Newgrounds? Haaah, genius! Anyways, I gotta go to bed 'cause I've got some piss that needs draining onto my matress.

Welp, Vaultboy 2 is finally out. As the mighty Gaben once said about Half-Life 3, I hope it was worth the wait :3

Meanwhile, I guess I voice acted in an indie game called The Storm Guard: Darkness is Coming. Check it!

The past couple of months have been absolutely amazing, and have given me so much voice acting opportunities that it's fuckin crazy! There's a fair amount of stuff that I voice in that's comin' out pretty damn soon. So this shit is pretty hype.

And also over the course of February, I also worked on a couple of comic dubs. One of those two being a @ToonHole comic dub of his simple, yet brilliant comic strip, Stupor Mario. Check out the comic here

And I guess my comic dub here

And over on the channel, Kerfuffle with the Lobsters, a group of very sexy individuals who are I guess my friends reside. And I'm also apart of the gaming channel, also. I edited a couple videos on there, so check that shit out!

And one final thing I worked on during the month of February was probably one of the few things I made that I'm pretty damn proud of.


For the very few amount of dudes reading this, I hope you have a splendid day out there!

P.S., I'm working with a gentleman named Piemations on something veeeeery special that'll be released at some point during the year. FUCKIN' BYEEE

Well, well, well...

2015-12-02 01:48:48 by retroarcademonkey

Welp, just recently, I turned 17. Shit. Celebrated my birthday with a Steam controller in hand, while watching my blu-ray copy of Perfect Blue while also listening to the greatest David Bowie compilation album. Yea, that's basically how I turned 17. With video games and David Bowie.

And funnily enough, I voiced in my first-ever animation! I voice in a little 3D animation by @Kel-Chan called Vault Boy

And with that, I guess I should maybe publisize the fact that I have a soundcloud with all of my crap covers I have made, and WILL make in the possible future. Maybe. Probably. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW

oh, and I guess I made a couple of LPs over at Kerfuffle with the Lobsters (an LP channel that I'm apart of) and HERE THEY AREWEASDWQ


Ey dudes. I teamed up with @SirUndead, @Paxilon, @Kehny, and @Badkill22 to create the worst gaming channel possible

It contains a let's play of Undertale, with lots of conversations on Overwatch, manly bandannas and Kehny's shaft. WARNING: THERE IS A BUTTLOAD OF IN-JOKES SO NO-ONE IS LIKELY TO GET ANY OF THE JOKES IN THIS
Meanwhile, I was apart of a weird gameshow podcast thing with a bunch of dudes, and it was a pretty fun time

Narrated a review of the video game, Life is Strange, written by some guy

I voice some random soldier guy in this comic dub of The Last Of Us: American Dreams

One day, I worked with @SirUndead on this masterpiece as he does his "totally-not-Max Payne" Max Payne voice for this detective guy

So yeah, this happened.


2015-10-21 18:18:03 by retroarcademonkey

Streamed with @SirUndead and @Paxilon along with @Kehny and some other dude.

I have no regrets.... okay maybe a few

Welp, been working on a movie review of Funny Games. Made a Youtube Channel Trailer

Also voicing the Persona series character Igor for a really awesome project that is going to be dubbing all of the Persona 3 anime films! Example of character here

And plus, been streaming with one @SirUndead who is a purely orgasmic individual who, like me, has sucked a lotta dicks in his time. You can maybe check out the stream here, if he decides to one day stream. I also play the ukulele sometimes on stream if you wanna see that shit happen.

Auditioned for a bunch of animations and dumb fandubs. I AWAIT RESPONSES

This is for SirUndead. This needs to happen. sign this petition and make SirUndead's talents realized with this DLC request.

It's Fine.

2014-10-14 04:03:30 by retroarcademonkey

I'm okay.

Hello!  I'm finally back from my depression, and it's been one hell of a ride.  I haven't had actual thoughts of suicide in years, but now all that crap's gone, from talking to all of my friends, to going to going to a convention with my brother, to playing quite possibly the happiest game in the world, Actual Sunlight.

I will finally be back to making possibly more videos on YouTube and doing more reviews on this site!  And for the past month, I've been writing reviews on certain Steam games I've been playing recently, which you can have a look at here

I'm also currently saving up for a Blue Snowball microphone, but that has recently become very difficult due to the big Steam Summer Sale that happened about a month or so ago.  DAMN YOU, GABE!!

So yeah, the absense from YouTube and NewGrounds will be no longer, now that my sanity and happiness has come back to me suddenly, and now I have immediatly decided to promise more content from me, despite the fact that the likelyhood of me actually doing something on the internet is fairly low, I'll still try to do shit.  About a month ago, I tried doing a vocal recording of me reading the Diary entries from Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but the software that contained all of the recordings had crashed, and I lost all of those recordings, and I just gave up.  Now, I'm thinking on doing it again, but with the Snowball Mic, so you might look forward to that...if you're wierd.

Well, I'm off to talk to some autistic children!  Have a good day, peoples!

Post-Easter, New Video, and BioShock

2014-04-24 12:43:57 by retroarcademonkey

Hello, everyone!  I feel somewhat obliged to be making a news post about what I've been doing as of late.  As most of you who are reading this might have known about, it's the end of Easter and its holidays, and I must say, I had a pretty good Easter considering all of my other Easters were pretty mediocre.  I had my brother over for the weekend and Monday, and I also played about three rounds of Chess with him (since I am currently learning to play Chess), and it was an interesting learning experince, as while I played him, I noticed that my brother is quite possibly the best Chess player I have faced yet, and those three games I shared with him were some epic games involving real thinking, strategy and amazing stupidity from me.

I love laughing at my own stupidity, and there was a lot of that across those three games, and as I am a good loser, I did not flip my shit when I lost. (btw, I lost every match with him)

And I ate a crap-ton of Easter eggs, or, at least, not at first.  As I am writing this, I have almost eaten every single easter egg given to me for Easter, and I am not the kinda guy who eats very much chocolate, either.  In fact, I hate chocolate for the most part, because as I said in the last post, chocolate, for the most part, makes me feel like a piece of shit after eating a piece of chocolate.

While my brother was around, he decided to come into my room, put Spotify on, and put some brilliant music on that I really needed to listen to (since he's involved with music himself), but never gave enough of a shit to listen too, until recently.  My favoutite songs that my big bro put on were, Gold, Living in America, War, Disco Inferno, Boogie Wonderland, a bit of Huey Lewis and the News, Poison Arrow, More Than a Woman, and The World is Not Enough by Garbage.  I friggin' fell in love with these songs when I first listened to them on that day.  The day I first listened to these tracks was also the day me, my brother, and family went out to see the movie Trancendence, have some Pizza Hut, and drop my brother off to the train station headed to London.

Trancendance was a surprisingly good film, and despite what all the "critics" were saying, I enjoyed it.  It wasn't exacly great, but it was a pretty good movie in the end.  And the only family member who didn't like the film, was my Dad, who disliked it for pretty good reasons, but I still enjoyed the film all-the-same.  Great movie, and I reccomend you go see it and don't listen to those silly-ass "critics" on Rotten Tomatoes, they don't know what the hell they're saying.


And now the new video I just uploaded last night, it's essentially like all of my audio submissions on here, only on YouTube.  It's features me reading a creepypasta by the name of Normal Porn for Normal People, and it's a surprisingly good Creepypasta, which was quite unexpected for me as I was reading it.  Here it is, fools:


And now, I've been playing BioShock 2, and it has been really good!...except for it's stupid amount of problems due to the shittiness of its PC port.  And I've also been reading the book that was made as a tie-in for the BioShock series called BioShock: Rapture by John Shirley, and it's pretty good!

And that's pretty much all I have to say/write for now.  Hope you guys have a safe journey!  ~Retro

Edit: I forgot to mention the fact that in about a week, I will be in America for about 5 weeks.  And a few months after that, I will be staying in Paris for a bit with family.